Juniors & teenagers

Juniors 4-5 years old

Highly interactive German courses for young and very young learners

Juniors 6-8 years old

German language courses for Juniors 6-8 years old

Juniors and Teens 9-16 years old

German language courses for Juniors and Teens

Exam Prep Classes

Preparation courses for the Goethe-Zertifikat exam conducted by the Goethe Institut

Preparation for exams

Preparation for the special German course

Language Skills

Short-term intensive programs


General German Courses

General German language courses for adults 16+

Exam Prep Classes

Exam Prep course of the largest and internationally recognized language certification bodies.

Academic German-TestDaf

Special educational programs of academic German

Language Skills Courses

Short-term programs which cover the basic language skills individually or in combination

Other languages

Language courses for Juniors and Adults