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Exam Preparation Courses for the DELE Examinations of the Instituto Cervantes de Atenas.

These courses offer students the opportunity to prepare for internationally recognised language exams and their main aim is to cover all necessary skills and techniques required for different examinations.

The syllabus content is adult-orientated, focusing on the adult language learners ‘needs for quick and immediate familiarisation with the exams format and the language skills required to successfully pass an examination.

The Spanish Exam preparation courses are for learners who wish:

  • To certify their knowledge in Spanish for basic, every day use (DELE A1 & A2)

  • To certify their ability to communicate both in spoken and written Spanish in a wide range of topics (DELE B1 & B2)

  • To certify their advanced knowledge in Spanish and their ability to communicate both in spoken and written French in abstract and scientific topics (DELE C1 & C2)

The exam prep courses can be chosen in addition to a General Spanish language course or as standalone programmes, providing flexibility to those wishing to attend such a course.

Apart from improving general language competency and systematic preparation of all skills required for Spanish language examinations, all exam prep classes include:

  • Tailored programme to suit the skills required for internationally recognised language examinations

  • Complimentary support lessons FOR ALL learners

All exam prep classes are taught by qualified teachers with extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language as well as Spanish language examinations. Our Exam prep teachers:

– Have all the necessary qualifications to teach Spanish as a foreign language

– Have excellent knowledge of the various exams on offer, their format and the necessary skills needed to succeed

The exam prep groups are constantly monitored by the Academic Directors to ensure that our high-standards of teaching are maintained, making students achieve their full potential.

Working closely with leading examination bodies, we aim to provide the right skills for exam success and familiarise students with the exam procedures.

Before enrolling in an exam prep class, we will advise you in detail about the Spanish language examinations on offer and we will help you choose the one that meets your needs. We want to make sure that our students will have made the best possible choice of which examination to take.


Are you short of free time, but you still want to learn Spanish? Choose our Saturday option and discover the magic of the Spanish language.

An intensive course designed for adults aged 18+ that covers the necessary language skills for real-life communication. Initially, the course focuses on speaking practice language and listening comprehension and incorporates writing and reading in a natural way after you have learnt to speak the language.

The 3-hour classes are held every Saturday for those adult learners who have limited time but do not want to miss the opportunity to speak one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

Spanish lessons

  • For communicating with millions of Spanish speakers

  • For a competitive CV

  • For University Entry in a Spanish-speaking University

  • For understanding the Arts and the Culture of the Spanish-speaking countries