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Academic German language courses for students and adults.

The Academic German language courses address the needs of university students and adults who require the necessary language and skills to succeed in their academic life. Our courses are designed according to the students’ age, their language proficiency level and the skills needed to be covered when attending a University programme.

The course prepares students for the academic level examination TestDaf, necessary certificate for admission to Higher Education in Germany or for work.

  • TestDaf

This is an internationally recognised test and students who successfully pass the exams  fulfil the minimum language requirements for admission to almost all schools and fields of study in German higher institutions.

Our teachers are constantly trained in the methodology of this test and how students are evaluated, offering high standards of teaching to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared for such a high-stake exam.

Throughout this Academic Exam Prep course there is regular practice to help our students get used to working under examination conditions. The course also focuses on developing the necessary skills for each part of the examination and monitor students’ improvement through on-going feedback sessions and advice from our experienced teaching staff.

All students enrolling Academic Exam Prep courses should be at least at a B1 level of German according to the Common European Framework of Languages.

In order to ensure our students will benefit the most from our Exam Prep Courses, our Academic Directors carefully assess the level of each student before the commencement of each course, to ensure successful placement takes place.

Fast paced German

Do you want to study or are you looking for a job in Germany? Choose now one of our fast-track German courses and get the level you need.

Within three months learn to speak and use the language for your immediate daily needs.

Need a higher level? Continue the daily intensive courses and achieve a B2 level in just one year.

A course specially designed for adult students aged 18+ who wish to achieve their goal immediately.


  • For immediate success in your goals
  • For excellent language skills
  • To make a difference in the workplace


The programme has been successfully attended by students who were looking for work in Germany. Once finished attending the intensive German course, they  secured employment as medical staff, teachers and business consultants and are currently excelling in their field.