Rethink Education is a leading provider in the field of Foreign Language Education and Lifelong Learning, providing high quality education services and top quality teaching.

Our Centre is committed to teaching excellence and changing the way students of all ages learn a language, incorporating various teaching techniques, state-of-the-art technology, new trends and best current practices.

Our main priority is high-quality personalised language services combined with first-class teaching practices and a modern teaching environment, making us a prestigious, boutique language school in the heart of the Athenian Riviera.

Founded in 2016, but with a background of over 20 years of experience in the field of foreign language education, Rethink Education’s academic staff brings together experience, knowledge, new ideas and innovative training methods, all with a common goal:

The personal and academic success of students of all ages.

At the Rethink Education Foreign Language School

We focus on the uniqueness of each student and our teaching style caters to the needs of all learning styles (kinesthetic, auditory, visual, verbal)

Our classrooms are comfortable with natural lighting and ventilation and are designed according to the age group they accommodate, providing a happy and safe environment conducive to learning

Along with learning a foreign language, students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop skills such as communication, problem solving, collaboration, creative and critical thinking.

Our classes are small (up to 10 students) in order to give children as many opportunities as possible to actively participate in the course

The teaching staff has extensive experience in foreign language education for all ages.

We adopt modern learning methods that incorporate creative, experiential and multi-sensory activities (Experiential Learning)

The lessons are enriched with educational material such as interactive games, building blocks, flash cards, puzzle games, board games, bingo.

We use modern teaching tools such as interactive whiteboards, which have been proven to enhance the learning process, keeping students’ interest alive.

We place particular emphasis on correct pronunciation and the correct use of language in both spoken and written language.

All of the above contribute to a positive experience of language learning for students.

Rethink Education Traditional language center
Continuous use of the language students are learning.
Occasional use of the language learnt by students
Students at rethink education learn to use the foreign language correctly in speaking and writing
Students learn "about" the foreign language through rules without learning the correct use of the language
The student does the work - produces work while the teacher plays the role of a facilitator/coach
The teacher is the focus of the lesson in the role of presenter/speaker with the student as a mere spectator
Technology is an integral part of the course enhancing the learning process
There is no systematic use of new technology. Technological tools exist in the field simply for marketing purposes
Pupils escape from the strict confines of the classroom and use the foreign language to learn about the world around them (Experiential Learning)
The foreign language is only taught within the confines of the classroom - in a non-physical way
Teaching is personalised and covers all types of learning (kinaesthetic - auditory - visual - verbal)
All learners are recipients of the same mode of teaching
The tests aim to assess what our students can do and what their potential is
Students are tested to see what they don't know and what their weaknesses are
Small groups - more time for active participation in the lesson
Many students in each class and limited opportunities to participate in the lesson

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Our teaching staff

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