Protective measures against COVID-19

Additional protective measures for the safety of your health

Your health is our priority. By following the advice of the relevant authorities and implementing all necessary safeguards, we are committed to providing our services in a safe learning environment for our students and staff.  

Thorough Cleaning

To reduce the possibility of spreading the virus, all our premises are thoroughly cleaned during the day. Classrooms, desks and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected before the start and at the end of each class. All open trash cans in the classrooms and common areas have been replaced with closed pedal bins from the Swiss company Rotho, to prevent hand contact with waste and odor leakage.

Natural Ventilation

As always, all our rooms are constantly ventilated during the day, as well as during classes.

Use of masks

The use of non-medical, protective masks is mandatory when entering our premises by students, visitors and our staff (including our teachers and other teaching staff) and throughout their stay at our Centre (Government Gazette 3630/B/31-8-2020). We have the right to refuse entry to those who do not wear a mask, unless they have a medical certificate of exemption from the mandatory use of masks in accordance with the instructions of the competent authorities.

Limited Access

Access to the floor of our Centre will only be permitted to students and staff. We ask that parents, guardians and chaperones accompany their child/children to the entrance and do not enter the building.
If you would like to contact the staff of our teaching centre, or to pay tuition or examination fees, you can make an appointment by telephone on 2108941481. In case of payment, we remind you that it is recommended to use a debit/credit card for your financial transaction or you can make a bank deposit.

Physical Safety Distances

We follow all safety measures as communicated by the competent authorities. To fully comply with the guidelines, our classic board desks have been replaced with single desks and classes will start and end at different times.

Each class will have a different break and no classes will have a common break in the same room at the same time, and students will be asked to keep the designated safety distance during breaks

Cleaning and disinfection

Hand sanitizers are available in each classroom and in all common areas. We recommend the frequent use of antiseptic by all students, visitors and our staff.

Use of air conditioners

As always, all air conditioners are cleaned seasonally, according to the manufacturer's instructions and will be used when necessary. When in use, the blinds will necessarily be upward facing, air usage will be continuous and not in recirculation, and the exterior doors/windows of the rooms will be sufficiently open for additional natural ventilation of the rooms.

Refusal of Entry

We have the right to refuse entry to staff, students or visitors who we know are quarantined or exhibiting the following symptoms: • fever
• dry cough
• difficulty breathing
• sore throat

Children displaying any of the above symptoms will be asked to wait in a designated room until a parent, guardian or chaperone is available to collect them. In all cases, the instructions and protocol of the relevant authorities will be followed.

Parental Responsibility

In case of illness/flu symptoms/illness, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to keep the child at home for as long as deemed necessary by the attending family doctor/pediatrician.

According to the National Public Health Organization (NPHO), the most common symptoms of COVID-19 infection in children are fever and cough. Other symptoms that may occur are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Painfulness and discomfort
  • Headache
  • Dysphagia
  • Runny nose/congestion
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Abdominal pain, diarrhoeal stools

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for informing both our Centre and all other relevant activities of the child should they experience any of the above symptoms, as well as having an obligation to follow the instructions given to them by the family doctor/paediatrician and remain at home for as long as necessary.

    COVID-19 Event Book

    To ensure the safe operation of our Centre, we maintain a visitor log book to record incidents related to the prevention or treatment of a possible outbreak (tracing). Students are not recorded in this, as a separate attendance register is maintained during classes.

    Information and Training of Management/Teachers/Staff

    All staff of our Centre have been informed about personal protective measures, their correct application and how to deal with a possible outbreak. The Management and the Safety Technician of our School have been informed about the prevention and health protection measures in a seminar held on 04/09/2020 specifically for Language Schools by Mr. Konstantinos Delezos, Msc PhDc Hygienist, Lecturer of the University of West Attica.

    Shared Use of Materials

    Students and teachers are not allowed to share or borrow stationery, e.g. notebooks, pens, pencils. Students are required to bring their own relevant student equipment (books, cases, paints, etc.).

    To protect health, photocopying of educational material on the same day is prohibited. All educational materials given to students, where appropriate, have been photocopied at least 24 hours in advance, ventilated and handled with all personal protective equipment by a single member of our staff.

    Site marking

    There is signage reminding of hygiene and safety measures in all common areas and halls.

    Online Courses

    In the event that we need to remain closed by government order ('lock-down') and are called upon to provide modern, remote training, our Centre has provided the necessary logistical equipment for the uninterrupted provision of training services.

    In the event that a teacher develops flu symptoms, he or she will not be allowed to attend our Center and the class will automatically be held online on the predetermined day and time of the class, so that the educational process can continue uninterrupted and the class will not be cancelled. It is understood that the course will be held remotely as long as the health of the teacher allows. In the event of an inability to transfer the course online, the course will be made up at a later date, after consultation with parents.

    In the event that a student develops flu symptoms, they will not be allowed to enter the Center, will be required to remain at home, and will be allowed to attend the course remotely with blended learning. In this case, our Centre's Secretariat should be informed as soon as possible so that the blended education process can be organised accordingly and in any case no later than 4 hours before the scheduled class time.

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