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Exam preparation classes for internationally recognised language certificates with guaranteed success.

Throughout the course of study at Rethink Education, learners’ maintain a high level of language performance through their ongoing exposure to the language, making the certification process a feasible goal and not a mundane one.

Acquiring a certificate comes as a natural process as part of the curriculum, which focuses on the skills that students have cultivated and acquired in previous years, needed to succeed in the exams.

Along with Rethink Education’s method and the systematic preparation of all skills required to succeed in the English language exams, all exam preparation classes include:

  • Tailored programme to suit the skills required for internationally recognised language examinations
  • Additional, free of charge, support lessons FOR ALL learners
  • Virtual Classroom Exam Prep from B2 level and above.

specially designed board games, theater play, interactive, imitation, songs, musical movement play, cooking simulation, children’s, movies in English, crafts

Allow your child to grow up inside in an English-speaking environment