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At Rethink Education, students can enroll in short-term courses (either combined with a standard language course or as standalone courses), which cover specific basic skills in the language.

The language skills courses aim at further development and improvement of specific skills, using authentic materials, depending on the pupils’ learning needs.

Learners can choose one or more of the following Language Skills Courses

Speaking Booster Class

This course is ideal for learners who would like to practise and develop their speaking skills in realistic situations, using authentic material on everyday topics.

At exam prep level, students can further familiarise themselves with the format of the speaking exams and practise using the techniques they have acquired through simulation of the speaking examination.

Listening Booster Class

The primary focus of this course is to develop the learners’ listening comprehension skills as well as to help them acquire those skills needed both in real-life situations and during the listening part of language examinations.

Writing Booster Class

This course improves students’ writing performance through a topic-based and task-based approach. The use of engaging topics motivates learners to brainstorm ideas and critically consider their arguments, before putting them in writing. The course aims to review various writing types and offer techniques to improve their writing skills.

At exam level, learners are further familiarised with the writing tasks required at language examinations and apply the techniques taught through exam writing simulation.

Reading Booster Class

An ideal course for improving reading comprehension skills. Learners are presented with a wide variety of text types, through which they improve their reading comprehension and they acquire the ability to recognise different text types, such as journals, scientific articles, newspaper articles, as well as various literary genres. Throughout this course, learners evaluate how the use of each type of reading text affects their everyday life and how they can best understand it.

At exam level, learners are further familiarised with exam-type reading comprehension tasks and they apply the techniques taught in exam simulation reading comprehension tasks.

French language

With presence on all five continents, with million speakers as a first, second or foreign language and a prerequisite for employment in international organisations, the French language offers countless opportunities to experience the world.

At Rethink Education we are able to help you choose the right course for you. 

Choose between the standard or intensive French language courses or choose one of our specialised courses on improving specific language skills. The world is waiting for you to discover it. Are you ready?

I’m successful because:

  • I can use the language in real life situations
  • I can read authentic texts
  • I can understand what I need
  • I can watch French movies
  • I can discuss issues that I am interested in

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