Our teaching staff

Rethink Education’s teaching staff consists of leading teachers in the field of foreign language education and Lifelong Learning.

Graduate teachers from Greek or foreign Universities, with significant academic and practical training are an integral part of our philosophy, with the main goal of respecting students and their continuous education in and out of the classroom.

Their many years of experience in teaching languages as a foreign language and their continuous education and training contribute to the creation of a safe learning environment in which students are constantly evolving.


Our team consists of friendly and attentive teachers, experienced in intercultural communication.

Rethink Education teachers’ essential qualifications:

  • Excellent knowledge of the language they teach, be it their native language or not

  • We prefer our teachers to have professional or personal experience of living in a foreign country

  • An essential part of their general education is to have a knowledge of the culture and customs of the language of the country they teach.

  • Our teachers are also selected for their interpersonal skills and their broad-mindedness towards other countries and cultures.

  • Our teachers are distinguished for their enthusiasm and spontaneity, characteristics that guarantee professionalism and a lively classroom environment.

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