German > Children & Teenagers > 4-5 years old

German for children aged 4 – 5. This programme is an introduction to German as a foreign language. Through a fun and interactive learning environment the students become familiar with the language using educational materials, adapted to the young age of the students.

Children learn German words through songs, chants and rhymes, through dancing, stories and games. Most activities offer hands-on practice, such as using colours and paints, play-doh or making a fruit salad from various materials, helping them to develop their motor and language skills.

Children learn vocabulary related to their family and their homes, about clothes, shopping, fruit and vegetables, Easter and Christmas. Children also learn the colours, the seasons, parts of the body, animals and the alphabet. Action words are introduced in meaningful sentences. Pupils also learn German traditions and songs.

German lessons

The lessons are carried out by experienced teachers and alongside with the German language our pupils are also taught about the German culture.

Exam Prep pupils acquire all the necessary skills to take the Goethe Institut German language certification exams (Goethe-Zertifikat).

Start early

  • for ongoing language practice
  • for practising the language in teams
  • for effective communication
  • for exam success
  • Give your child the supplies they need early on