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French for children aged 4 – 5. This programme is an introduction to French as a foreign language. Through a fun and interactive learning environment the students become familiar with the language using educational materials, adapted to the young age of the students.

Children also learn to recognise the French alphabet and sounds, colours, numbers and basic vocabulary from their immediate environment through creative activities.

The aims of the pre-school programmes are:

  • Socialising and interacting with other children and teachers
  • Encouraging social skills, responsible behaviour and respect through team play
  • Cultivating the child’s emotional development through cooperation, acquiring a positive image of themselves, as well as developing mutual relations of trust and self-independence
  • Reinforcing the correct attitude towards learning: Students learn to listen to instructions and focus on activities directed towards developing their attention span
  • Familiarising children with the sounds of the French language through oral class interaction and nursery rhymes
  • Developing basic language skills
  • Learning fine motor skills and familiarisation with arithmetic

Direct communication

Developing strong oral communication skills provides the foundation for students to read and write effectively.

The language programs at the Rethink Education Center enable students to speak from day one.

Thus, they gain immediate self-confidence and a strong motivation to deepen their knowledge of the language and develop all language skills successfully.

Understanding means

  • To hear the language being spoken correctly

  • To learn words and phrases in an experiential way

  • To use language to communicate

  • To learn through mistakes
    To acquire general knowledge through the language I learn

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