French > Children & Teenagers > 6-8 years old

Children learn to recognise the letters of the French alphabet, acquire every day vocabulary related to their immediate environment and are exposed to language structures through creative activities. Our teaching method combines various educational means, making children immediately acquire the language.

Our teaching method includes:

  • Enriching pupils’ general knowledge by learning about the world around them, through Content & Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Use of both books and e-books
  • Use of Information Technology in a safe and monitored online environment
  • Specially designed Phonics lessons to help improve pupils’ pronunciation
  • A fun, fully-interactive way of teaching
  • Educational tools to help children learn the basics in coding and robotics, as well as carrying out problem-solving tasks in French.

The aims of the French as a foreign language courses for children 6 – 8 years old includes:

  • Writing short, simple words
  • Reading short, simple sentences and texts
  • Differentiating between sounds and understanding spoken French
  • Counting numbers and arithmetics (addition, subtraction)
  • Learning about natural phenomena and animals in real or virtual environment
  • Learning about time and space (seasons, weeks, months, dates, telling the time)

Learning about the French culture and civilisation through Arts and Crafts

Direct communication

Developing strong oral communication skills provides the foundation for students to read and write effectively.

The language programs at the Rethink Education Center enable students to speak from day one.

Thus, they gain immediate self-confidence and a strong motivation to deepen their knowledge of the language and develop all language skills successfully.

Understanding means

  • To hear the language being spoken correctly
  • To learn words and phrases in an experiential way
  • To use language to communicate
  • To learn through mistakes
  • To acquire general knowledge through the language I learn 


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