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Pre – Teens and Teenagers 9 – 16 Years old
Pupils learn the language in a welcoming environment, conducive to learning.

Lessons are carried out in the English language, using materials and books containing contemporary topics, relevant to pupils’ ages. The books we use all come with digital material, accessible both at the school and at home through a secure online platform, safe for use by young learners and teenagers alike. Its content includes an online workbook, educational games, extra activities for additional practice, online tests and many more.

Our programme aims to:

  • enrich the learners’ vocabulary
  • improve their written and oral communication
  • offer a deep understanding of the language
  • strengthen learners’ self-confidence
  • enrich their general knowledge through specially designed CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning) content, based on real life and the real world
  • familiarise learners’ with science through inquiry-based learning using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in English
  • develop presentation and public speaking skills (Presentation & Debate Skills) through Projects

Cambridge English Penfriends

Member of the Penfriends network of schools. Helping students communicate internationally.

specially designed board games, theater play, interactive, imitation, songs, musical movement play, cooking simulation, children’s, movies in English, crafts

Allow your child to grow up inside in an English-speaking environment