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The courses cover the full range of Business English aimed at students who wish to develop their knowledge in everyday business settings, both at beginner or advanced level, and more specialised knowledge in their field of study or profession (Vocational English, English for Specific Purposes).


The Business English courses are for students 18+ years old and cover skills such as:

  • Every day communication in the workplace
  • Participating and managing business meetings
  • Understanding business presentations
  • Creating and delivering business presentations
  • Effective language use during presentations
  • Selecting appropriate vocabulary and practising professional trading techniques
  • Handling numbers and economic data
  • Understanding and producing financial reports
  • Describing graphs
  • Understanding vocabulary related to the direct professional environment
  • Writing professional correspondence and e-mails


The syllabus content is created according to the student’s needs, either in group or one-to-one tuition.

Classes are held exclusively in English, with contemporary literature and themes similar to the professional skills needed by students. The books used are accompanied by rich digital content accessible to the student at home or in the workplace through dedicated educational web platforms (including online workbooks, vocabulary practice and extra activities).

All students enrolling in Business English courses should be at least at an A2 level of English according to the Common European Framework of Languages.

In order to ensure our students will benefit the most from our Business English courses, our Academic Directors carefully assess the level of each student before the commencement of each course, to ensure successful placement takes place.

I learn better

What do I need learn?

How much time do I have?

What personal experiences do I bring with me?

Do I speak other languages? If yes, what helped me learn to speak?

Which language skills am I good at? Which ones do I need to practise more?

Our teachers and Academic Directors can help you choose the language course most suitable for your needs, as well as to help you decide the learning mode (group or one-to-one teaching, blended learning or online learning)

We’ve got you covered!

Our Center, as an approved LanguageCert test Center, gives you the opportunity to benefit twice by improving your English level and certifying your knowledge.

By attending the adult classes, from beginner level A1 to proficiency level C2, you can take the LanguageCert language exams to certify your level. The written and oral exams are independent of each other and you can take them separately.

We cover the cost of the LanguageCert oral exam at your level. You, pay only the written part of the exam, if you wish to take written exams as well.