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Our philosophy

We live in a world of continuous change, complexity and conflicting ideas. These changes signal the emergence of a new global context on how learning directly affects education as a whole.

The new way of education calls for redefining the purpose of teaching and the organisation of learning. The complexity of today’s world requires a new, integrated approach to educational policy, which is required to contribute to a better understanding of how knowledge is created, controlled, spread, obtained, certified as being appropriate and how it is used. The further development of ethical principles regarding education and knowledge being accessible to all people is also essential.

The European initiative of Rethink Education (re-defining Education) was launched in 2012, with the aim to reform the education systems across the EU, and to meet the growing demand for higher skills levels and to reduce unemployment. 

The initiative focuses on three areas in need of reform:

  • quality
  • accessibility
  • funding

Reforms should aim to:

  • improve basic skills
  • Provide more opportunities for apprenticeships
  • promote entrepreneurial skills
  • improve skills in foreign languages

Our method

At Rethink Education we believe that knowledge comes from everyday situations, either real ones or through a virtual environment, moving away from the strict limitations a classroom imposes, enabling us to explore the world around us.

Alongside with learning a foreign language students of all ages are given the opportunity to broaden their field of knowledge and develop skills such as communication, problem solving, cooperation, creative and critical thinking.

Our teaching method is based on incorporating various teaching techniques and aligned with international standards in teaching a foreign language and includes:

  • Continuous exposure to the language in real-life situations through the constant use of the foreign language (Experiential Learning)
  • Teaching adapted to cover all types of learning styles (kinesthetic, auditory, visual, verbal)
  • Modern teaching tools (interactive whiteboards, e-books, online educational platforms)
  • Carefully selected books and educational material by age group
  • Projects, Drama, Simulation, Presentation & Debate
  • Use of Science, Technology and Social Sciences for on-going exploration of the world we live in through the language: CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning) & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education

Ways of education

At Rethink Education we offer learners the opportunity to maximise their language learning time by selecting one or more of the following types of teaching methods, according to their needs, their free time and their goals.

Depending on the selected language learning programme and/or the student’s level, there may be a combination of one or more modes of learning to help achieve the learning objectives in more efficient way, saving time and effort.

Depending on the age of the learner, the learning methods that one can choose from are:

Childern 4-5 years

Attending a class - group lessons

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Children 6-8 years

Attending a class - group or one-to-one lessons

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Children and Adolescents 9-16 years

Attending a class - group or one-to-one lessons

Blended courses (attending a class and online) - group or one-to-one lessons.

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Adults 16+ years

Attending a class - group or one-to-one lessons

Blended courses (attending a class and online) - group or one-to-one lessons
Online/Distance learning - group or one-to-one lessons

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