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Exam Preparation Courses for the DELE examinations of Instituto Cervantes.

Pupils at Rethink Education can attend exam preparation courses for the DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) administered by the Instituto Cervantes.

The Spanish Exam preparation courses are for learners who wish:

  • To certify their knowledge in Spanish for basic, every day use (DELE A1 & A2)

  • To certify their ability to communicate both in spoken and written Spanish in a wide range of topics (DELE B1 & B2)

  • To certify their advanced knowledge in Spanish and their ability to communicate both in spoken and written Spanish in abstract and scientific topics (DELE C1 & C2)

All Exam Prep students are highly trained to acquire the necessary language skills needs to succeed in the exams by receiving on-going feedback and advice from our experienced Spanish teachers.

Along with their experience, we make sure that our teaching staff:

  • Have an extensive knowledge of language certifications and exam prep skills

  • Have excellent knowledge of the Spanish Culture

  • Have taught Spanish abroad and they speak other languages

Spanish for juniors & teenagers

Choose one of our Spanish courses for Juniors or Teens for your child and give them the necessary qualifications for a world full of opportunities.

By learning Spanish, one of the world’s most spoken languages, your child will gain valuable skills from an early age, as they will be able to communicate in one of the most beautiful languages spoken among millions of people all over the world.

  • A world of opportunities
  • Language, Arts and Culture
  • Experiential learning of the language
  • Important future qualifications


More and more parents choose Spanish as a second or foreign language for their children, recognising the benefits that children can gain by learning one of the most important languages from an early age.