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Exam Preparation Courses for the DELF and DALF Examinations of the Institut Français de Grèce

Pupils at Rethink Education can attend exam preparation courses for the DELF & DALF examinations administered by the Institut Français de Grèce

The French Exam preparation courses are for learners who wish:

  • To certify their knowledge in French for basic, every day use (DELF A1 & A2)
  • To certify their ability to communicate both in spoken and written French in a wide range of topics (DELF B1 & B2)
  • To certify their advanced knowledge in French and their ability to communicate both in spoken and written French in abstract topics (DALF C1 & C2)

All Exam Prep students are highly trained to acquire the necessary language skills needs to succeed in the exams by receiving on-going feedback and advice from our experienced French teachers.

Along with their experience, we make sure that our teaching staff:

  • Have an extensive knowledge of language certifications and exam prep skills
  • Have excellent knowledge of the French Culture

Have taught French abroad and they speak other languages

Direct communication

Developing strong oral communication skills provides the foundation for students to read and write effectively.

The language programs at the Rethink Education Center enable students to speak from day one.

Thus, they gain immediate self-confidence and a strong motivation to deepen their knowledge of the language and develop all language skills successfully.

Understanding means

  • To hear the language being spoken correctly
  • To learn words and phrases in an experiential way
  • To use language to communicate
  • To learn through mistakes
  • To acquire general knowledge through the language I learn 


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