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At Rethink Education, adult students are clearly divided into those who simply wish to learn the language for practical reasons and those who wish to certify their level through exams.

The curriculum that we follow in the certification departments covers all the necessary skills that the adult student needs for his rapid training in the language and techniques of the certification exams.

Certification departments work in addition to students’ general language training, providing flexibility for those who wish to take exams to attend them.

All certification departments are taught by specialized teachers with extensive experience in teaching French as a foreign language as well as in certification departments and in conjunction with the advisors-teachers they ensure the success of the students in the exams as:
They have all the necessary qualifications to teach French as a foreign language
The language of instruction is exclusively French
They have excellent knowledge of the exams and their requirements as well as how to conduct them

In collaboration with the French Institute of Greece, we provide the appropriate supplies for exam success and full familiarity with the chosen exam process.

French language

With presence on all five continents, with million speakers as a first, second or foreign language and a prerequisite for employment in international organisations, the French language offers countless opportunities to experience the world.

At Rethink Education we are able to help you choose the right course for you. 

Choose between the standard or intensive French language courses or choose one of our specialised courses on improving specific language skills. The world is waiting for you to discover it. Are you ready?

I’m successful because:

  • I can use the language in real life situations
  • I can read authentic texts
  • I can understand what I need
  • I can watch French movies
  • I can discuss issues that I am interested in

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